Carole Lee




   Spirit Woman




The two sided pendants depict the end of the writing



celebrate the sunrise,

contemplate the sunset

use well the time between



a thought for a day

a thought for a life time







A Collection of Thoughts....


Ageless stories

     Timeless thoughts


The Journey continues…


Thoughts cascade into my mind-from where?  I do not know or care. 

Ageless stories, timeless thoughts to remind us of what we

already know --- have always known.


           The introduction states;      

What I say has been said before.

What I think has been thought before.

What I write has been written before

On a different day in a different way.


      ...the left side of each page is blank as a place to write your thoughts







             - Spirit Woman -

The Beginning...



                            Many things contributed to the creation of Spirit Woman.

                            Guided thoughts, observations, readings, experiences, feelings.

                            The essence is the connection between women past and present.

                            Our openness, caring and sharing. Passing on the teachings of our mores, guiding with our

                            encouragement and love...


                            Thoughts bombarded me at times of the day and night. I knew they were important so I

                            carried a pen and tablet everywhere I went. Thus the one page writing and first pendants.

                            Then it began again and the booklet emerged.


                            I began thinking about the women I had met over the years. Women from all walks of life

                            who have overcome huge obstacles to those in need. Never asking for anything in return.

                            Strength, love, gentleness and persistence. This the Spirit of Women. Have these feelings

                            and abilities been passed down or they just there?

                            Intuition and knowledge. It doesn't matter what it is called as long as it's used to its greatest



                            Messages come in many different forms. We must be open and ready to hear and accept them.

                            I cannot explain these things. I accept them and I am glad for them. I actually wish they would

                            happen more often.




                            Spirit Woman is about our connection, our strengths, our gentleness and perseverance...

                            It is about the spark in all of us that moves us forward and lights the way so we can make this

                            world a better place.

                            It is my tribute to Women.... everywhere.



                            Celebrate the sunrise, contemplate the sunset, use well the time between. A thought for a day,

                            a though for a lifetime.


                            In closing I say "That's the Spirit.... Woman!"




    - Carole Lee

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